"Great stories happen to those who can tell them"


Ira Glass

Conteurs & Bonheurs: 5 days of creativity and wellbeing in Marrakesh


with storytelling as our leading track. It is an experiential camp, mixing elements of personal and professional development, an occasion to network and connect.
Joie de vivre in action.

From the ancient times of the al-Qarawiyyin Library, to the contemporary beat, Morocco's pulse is that of storytelling. When the gaze is drawn into vintage photos, or just flows on the volutes of Berber jewelry, when you seat in a steamy hammam or simply rest on one of countless fountains in the medina, a story will start unfolding: colors, sounds, the breeze, the rhythm of darbuka. Where will it take you? Experience, emotion, sensorial knowledge, creativity?


Let me tell you a story" he say, and his eyes smile. It can be the merchant of spices, the most reputable journalist, a trendy artist, or a militant for green economy in Sahara. The story telling creates a time and a space unique in Morocco; it is that of intimacy, communion, where miracles take place. Miracles, they say, are like oasis in the desert, a shift in perception - this is where genius ideas, authentic emotions, surprising creations are born.


Each detail of the red city resonates with the epic adventures; the surprises, the people, the landscape must be discovered, and interpreted; we are at the crossroad of many centuries, and civilizations. Senses come to live. Prepare yourself to be surprised by the stories that are woven at any corner.


When telling stories, our stories, we (re)create our own identity, and together with it the miracle of interaction. With long, relaxed breaths, wellbeing treats, we will discover inner and outer universes. Mentors from Romania, France and Morocco will guide, and animate this experience; we will build bridges for creative feelings, understandings, and interactions.


As the story unfolds, we will dive into the world of senses. There will be occasions to discover each of them. Taste, smell, touch, hearing, sight will be stimulated in the creative melting-pot of Bonheurs & Conteurs. The brain and the heart will integrate new feeds, and stimulated, will expand the perceptions.


Yves Saint Laurent, Scorsese and many other creative spirits in search of inspiration embraced the vibrant touch à la marocaine; they assimilated it, whilst infusing their vivid contribution to the Marrakshi cultural matrix. The lights, the colors, the shapes, the symbols, that long stretch in between ethno and cosmopolitan jet set leaves all the room for suspense. Where would it take you?


Wednesday, 9 october

Moroccan hospitality @ the riad : welcome tea & petits bouts gourmet

Check in


The circle Bonheurs & Conteurs

Opens in the Moroccan lounge

17:00 - 19.30

Au hammam

A sensorial experience ; the Moroccan version of "mens sana in corpore sano"


Dinner & concert

The story of the red city on a musical jazzy note

Thursday, 10 october
Friday, 11 october
Saturday, 12 october
Sunday, 13 october


Early birds flying high
until June 29


Accommodation: 4 nights in shared rooms (2/3 persons)

Option for single rooms available, with extra fee

Food and beverage (all meals included)

Entrance at Yves saint Laurent museum, Photography Museum, Perfume Museum

Hammam treat

One customized perfume

All seminars & workshops

Transport in Morocco

Assistance with booking flight tickets Bucharest - Marrakesh


We believe that avventura is a lifestyle. It is a state of mind, to be shared in a creative manner with those that resonate around the world.
As we are growing our jet set community of entrepreneurs, explorers, trendsetters and creative minds, we want to make sure that we stay in touch, in order to enhance the magic of living and sharing, be it on a professional or personal frequency.
A platform that offers opportunities for creating bridges across cultures, industries, and boards.

Who are we?

Visionaries ready to materialse existential adventures that will open perspectives & create new paradigms for understanding, and connections.



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